Info If you have a Logitech Z213 and your satellite speaker(s) lose connection, read this

Aug 18, 2020
Today I bought a brand new Logitech Z213 speaker set, and to my surprise, the connection between the satellite speakers and the subwoofer is really bad: the smallest movement of the connection cable makes the system lose contact to the speakers or makes the speakers crackle.

After thinking about it for a few minutes and being sure that the all the cables were ok, the only culprit left was the 3.5mm socket.. the easiest solution I found was to use a little piece of rolled up fine grit sandpaper* inside the socket to enhance electrical contact, and it worked like magic! after that I can move the cable or event rotate it while its plugged in without losing audio signal on the satellite speakers.

I made this post because I did a little research and many people seem to have the very same problem.
Hope it helps anyone out there looking for a solution.

*Alcohol didnt make a difference with the problem, guess it needed something more abrassive
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