Question If you overclok an Asus monitor to 165 hz is it still covered under warranty?


Sep 12, 2013
Okay so I just bought an Asus VG27AQ monitor and it's coming tomorrow. I was doing some research on it on ASUS'S website but I noticed that you had to overclock the monitor to reach 165 hz. This isnt a new concept to me because I overclocked my pg279Q to 165 hz a few years ago. My question though is, even though ASUS advertises that these monitors are 165 hz, does ASUS cover their monitors under warranty if you happen to overclock them? I looked up thus question on google but found nothing.

I've grown accustomed over the years at gaming at 165 hz. I even consider the small frame drop I get (160 FPS or so at 144 hz to 100-120 FPS or so at 165) to be worth it. Because the picture is just... so beautiful at 165 hz. I probably cannot live without it. But comments on amazon had me worried. Apparently a lot of people were getting a white screen of death with the VG27AQ after only 6 months to a year of usage. If overclocking to 165 hz voids my warranty.... idk if the extra picture difference would really be worth it or not. I'd have to think about it. I mean, 165 hz is beautiful but is it really worth gambling $600 every 6 months- a year for? I'm a tad worried. What do you guys think? Worth the risk ?
Aug 10, 2020
I saw an overclocked monitor catch fire. The warranty repair depot can tell if you were overclocking by the failure patern. Visually, the human eye can't detect artifacts over 72 Hertz refresh.