[SOLVED] iGPU is better than dGPU, but dont know what to do


Feb 4, 2020
So I have a Ryzen 3 3200g, and a GT 710.
The iGPU on the Ryzen 3 is almost 200% better than the GT 710.
My problem is, i want to run on the iGPU of my 3200g but my system only has 8gb of ram. So the iGPU dedicates 2gb of the 8gb and I am left with only 6gb of ram.
And I need the 8gb ram.

I thought of a solution, but I am not sure if its possible:
Is there any way to plug in my dGPU and use the ports off it for my monitor, and use the processing power of my iGPU? Will it still take up 2gb of my ram?

Is there any other way to do this? Like make my iGPU use the vram of my dGPU?

Help please
iGPU will use system RAM only, you can reduce 2GB to lets say 512MB, but once game requestst more, it will take it from system ram anyway
you have two choices. Either add more RAM or replace your GPU