Question Iiyama monitor - Screen turns black for a short moment, then back normal, 2-5 times an hour.


Aug 4, 2017
Hey all,

Recently my friend had bought a set of 2 new monitors (both Iiyama Black Hawk G2730HSU-B1) because his previous monitor had died. He has a MSI P55-GD65 (MS-7585) motherboard, and a NVidia GTX 1050TI graphics card.

The issue currently is as the title says; He finds one of his screens (his primary) screen is turning off and back on, flickering black. We've did some double-checking on the cables, switching the monitors, but even when the monitors were swapped, the OTHER monitor then turned black and back, so we can be sure that this isn't a monitor problem. (by this point, we've also updated the drivers for his Graphics card, in case that is of any issue.)

The curious part is that I have had the very same issue with the very same monitors too. I also had a MSI motherboard - but a different model - and I also had that my SECONDARY screen was often turning black and normal. Less frequent than my friend's and an actually much longer 'black time', but it's the exact same observation.

My issue got randomly fixed when we did some heavy maintenance on my PC, we also had replaced the Motherboard to an ASRock instead as it had fabrication issues on other aspects. But that magically fixed it, and I want to be sure if nothin else is at blame before pointing at the MSI Board to swap it for another.
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