Iiyama Rolls Out a New Range of AMVA+ ProLite Monitors

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I highly recommend you avoid these. I bought the brand-new 1440p prolite Iiyama, on advice that iiyama was the best out there. I had it shipped from germany (It was packaged well), and am now fighting like hell to be able to return it.

It's brand new, and there are already three major problems with it.

It's power caps are cheap and going bad. That means that below 95% brightness, it squeals very, VERY loudly, inducing a headache within minutes.

Its brightness and color, even after tuning, is worse than the (admittedly very nice) TN panel found in the BenQ XL2420T. Although its viewing angles are better, it's an IPS panel, and should blow a TN panel out of the water.

Finally, and absolutely not acceptable, is that the soldering inside of it was very poorly done - there is a two-pixel wide teal line running straight down the monitor, which will occasionally disappear for a minute when pressure is applied to the top of the line.

NONE of these are issues a $700 monitor should be having, much less all three at once.

As far as I can tell, the only way it could have passed quality control testing is either by not being tested, or by only being tested at a single setting.

I imagine international shipping could have caused the poor soldering job to loosen, causing the line down the screen, but still - three separate issues, one of which (the overly-bright backlight), is a design flaw, not a manufacturing flaw.

On it's behalf, though, at least it doesn't have uneven backlight bleeding! :p

(The monitor to avoid, for anyone who is curious, is the new PROLITE XB2779QS)
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