i'll never buy anything from NVIDIA ever again, they don't respect customers and don't deserve our money

Jul 14, 2018
Guys, i`ve paid a lot of money on a Nvidia Titan Xp Collector's Edition Galactic Empire on Amazon, and after a month the card started to behave in a really strange way, the displayport started to fail, sometimes i had to restart a few times before showing any image. Couple days later, it was getting worse, and finally it stopped working on this week, i had to take it out of my computer or else my PC wasn't even POSTing. So, i`ve paid US$ 1499,99 on this card, and now it has no use, and i need it to work, all my hard earned money was invested on this card, and now it is only a paper weight.

Look what NVIDIA answer me:
Staff Account Derek via Email 07/13/2018 02:48 PM
Your support request was escalated to me for further review. After reading through the history I don't think I am going to be able to help you here.

The warranty on these GPUs is not transferable and it looks like the purchase was made from a reseller on the Amazon website. The warranty is only valid for the original purchaser of the GPU.


Staff Account Derek via Email 07/13/2018 04:35 PM
Sorry, but this doesn't change anything. I cannot replace the GPU.


Man i think they are not helping me at all, are your guys aware of this? Are you guys aware that you are responsible for this hardware, and you sold me a broken card and now you guys are just running away from your responsibility and giving me the worst problem i have ever had in my life with a tech company ? I hope your families are ok, cause mine will suffer, since i can't work anymore, and i have no idea how i`ll recovery from this, this is unacceptable , you guys don't respect anyone, i hope AMD bury your company of scammers in the most deep hole possible, cause you don't deserve anything from us, after this, i don't care if you have faster cards, i'll never give my money again for a company that have this kind of behavior, that look like a scammer and a thief.


Most warranties be it AMD or Nvidia cards have the same non transferable warranty policy. If a product is purchased from an unauthorized reseller(like a random seller on the Amzon marketplace) it's essentially the same as buying a used card. Transferable warranties are becoming a rarity.


Apr 27, 2013
If this was bought from a third party reseller and not Amazon itself (including those that says Sold by Scammer. Fulfilled by Amazon), there is usually no warranty on these. Amazon needs to make this stuff way clearer because when the amazon retail stock runs out, it defaults to third party and i've seen a lot of people think it's still sold by amazon (and get screwed over when it comes to warranty).


Going on about how your family is going to starve and you can't work anymore after buying a *$1500 GPU* is a pretty poor strategy for convincing Nvidia to cut you a break.

"Sorry, Billy, we'll get you that operation next year. Daddy needs to play some games in 4K with a GPU that looks a like a lightsaber. As for college, we'll see how quickly 8K resolution becomes a thing."