im about to buy this laptop but i m willing to pay abit more if you advice for another one.


Jun 24, 2012
my need is for a laptop that is futurproof , at least win11. no gaming no video editiion. just need a fast loading laptop.
im about to buy this laptop . Maybe you see reasons why NOt to buy it or maybe you could advise me of a better on for same price or for a 30-50 dollar more that would be way better . here he is

is contender is this one.

all comments and recomandation welcomed :)
Those laptops have processors that do not support windows 11.

In no way are they "futureproof"
You are looking at 4th gen processors. 11th gen is current.
8gb may well need an upgrade.
For the price they look decent, but offering windows 11 is deceptive and I would avoid those sellers.


hi when you say 8gb may need an upgrade, what do you mean by that ? 8gb seems sufficient, what would make un upgrade necessary?
In 2021, 8GB is considered absolute minimum.

Overall though...neither of those systems are good, except for being cheap.
Neither of them are Win 11 capable.

If that is actually Win 11 running on that, it would be a beta/dev version. NOT actual the Win 11 release.
The CPU in both of those is far off the bottom of the supported list.

There is not much you can do within $200.


wich is the cheapest refurbished that could run win11 availaible , anyone can recommand one?
What will it be used for?

Here is a NEW laptop, for #220.
I absolutely would NOT recommend this.
Seriously underpowered. But it will (just barely) run Win 11, and it comes with a known valid license.

Looking for refurbs at Dell Outlet, starting around $550 for a i3-1005G1 processor, 8GB RAM
Comes with Win 10 Home, but capable of Win 11.


But, the "Win 11" requirement is pretty much not needed.
A low end (cheap) laptop bought today with Win 10 will likely be subpar performance by the time Win 10 falls off support in 2025, and need to be replaced anyway.