I'm building a comp, but have a dilemma, please help. :)


Jan 1, 2013
I have order parts on newegg, but people keep telling me that what I have ordered is not good for a gaming computer. my parts are

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811129066 =computer case

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813131758 =motherboard

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820134928 =memory

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819113286 =processor

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827151256 =dvd rom

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817182261 =power supply

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130623 =graphics card

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822145299 =hard drive

http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817994085 =hard drive mounting bracket

I will be running all of this with windows 7.

Now I may be able to cancel the order, though I already own the graphics card. So can someone very experienced please give me a 400 dollar budget for everything besides the operating system and graphics card that will be the best gaming comp it can be for the price? Thank you, I really appreciate it.


Dec 22, 2012
This is actually a fine setup for gaming, with a couple minor issues. First of all, the RAM you chose is slow by today's standards. Most gaming rigs, will have 1600MHz or greater RAM, or at the very least 1333. Your's is only 1066. The performance difference isn't monumental, but there definitely is one, especially with demanding games. I'd recommend an 8GB kit from G.Skill like this one. The 560Ti is a very good gaming card, but you'll want to go for a bigger power supply to be safe, especially with an FX proc. Something in the 500-600 Watt range would be best. The CPU and motherboard are just fine, and I used an Antec 300 myself for a build a while back -- fantastic case. You don't need a hard drive mounting bracket for that hard drive, the case will accommodate it just fine.