I'm building a new pc and I want to know if I can use any of my pre-built pc's parts for my new pc.

Jun 19, 2018
Hello everyone. I am in the process of making a new gaming PC, and want to know what I need to buy. I already have a pre-built Omen PC, but I want to make a new PC. (My pre-built and ideal PC part specs are listed below). For the pre-built PC, i do not have the 1060 anymore, I replaced it with a 1080, and will use that 1080 for my new PC, which I put in the new PC parts list. Also in the pre-built PC there was 1 8GB RAM stick when I got it, but I bought another stick and now the pre-built PC has 2 8GB RAM sticks, which I will transfer to my new PC. I do know that with the case I want for my new PC, there is no optical drive and there is one in the pre-built PC. What I would like to know is what can I use/take from my pre-built PC, and use/Incorporate into my new PC? Also when I got my 1080 I got a CD with some programs on it that greatly help me optimize my gaming experience. Is there any way I can get the programs from the disk on to my new PC even if there isn't a disk slot?

My pre-built PC:
(In my pre-built PC there is a 1080, not a 1060, and there are 2 sticks of 8GB Ram)
(second, alternative link to my pre-built PC)

My custom PC that I want to build:
(The 1080 in this list I already have and same goes for the 2 8GB RAM sticks)

Thank you in advance.


I have read your suggestions and edited my new build list:

I replaced the following parts in my list:
-replaced CPU cooler with a Scythe - FUMA Rev.B
-replaced my current (2 sticks) of Crucial 8GB RAM sticks with the G.Skill - Ripjaws V series (2x8 GB) DDR4-3200 RAM Sticks
-changed the storage to Samsung - 850 EVO-Series 1TB 2.5" Solid State Drive
-changed my case to a Phanteks - ECLIPSE P400S ATX Mid Tower Case
(on pcpartpicker the website says that the Phanteks case can hold my 1080 but it may block drive bays, I looked into it and figured out that this shouldn't be a problem, I figured i would ask; Does this matter since I don't plan on buying anything to fill those drive bays?)

I used your suggestions to create that list. Is that better? Is this the build I should buy instead, or do you have any more suggestions?

The disc that came with your 1080 should only be used if you have no other option. Other wise always download the latest driver from https://www.geforce.com/drivers, all the software on the disc will also be there, which personally I dont use.

I doubt much else in the prebuilt is of any value, the card reader seems to be proprietary to the case. The case you chose has no expansion bay for an optical drive, but an cheap external USB drive could be used whenever you needed to use a disc

I know you already have RAM but you may want to consider purchasing 3000 or 3200mhz speed RAM, the performance gains can be little to significant depending on the game or application you are using as Intel 8th benefit from the higher speeds.

One last thing is the cooler, the H7 is plenty for stock and mild over clock but if you are going to go high with an overclock then a Cryorig R1 or Noctua NH-D15 may be a better choice.


Ram is reusable
Gpu is reusable
Case is reusable
Drive is reusable

The Cryorig H7 is a little small for that i7. It's great for stock applications, general usage etc, but for anything that's going to push the cpu, like multiple thread games, gaming and streaming etc, it's going to suffer. It's a budget cooler. Should be looking at at least the next step up, like a NH-D14, Cryorig H5 or similar. A move to the larger towers like the NH-D15S or beQuiet Dark Rock Pro 4 or Scythe Fuma Rev.b doesn't cost much more and will cover all the bases very well. There's always the 240/280mm AIO option as well.

Rest looks good, although I personally am not a fan of the Spec4 case, it looks decent, but has build issues and limitations. Something like the Phanteks s340 elite, p400s, fractal design Focus G might be a better option.

Stock speeds of CoffeeLake cpus for the memory controller is 2666MHz. So using 2133MHz (intended for skylake cpus) is kind of a lead weight. With the planned cpu, 2666MHz - 3200MHz will have benefits. Ddr4 costs enough that it's worth reselling on ebay or similar for a decent return.

Get an SSD as boot drive. The speed difference is crazy compared to straight up hdd. And not just for boot times. Anything loading through the ssd is @10x faster. I've seen many ppl get booted off teams simply because the load time was prohibitively long. Gamers don't want to wait 2-3 minutes for each of your maps to load.

Yes. Copy the entire CD to a USB stick. In the new pc just adding the USB it will be recognised in windows as an external drive.