I'm confused about my new 144Hz TN panel monitor


Jun 17, 2012
so my new AOC G2460PG arrived today, and i have it all hooked up. G-Sync on, 144Hz, and i've tried to calibrate the colors as best i could.

now, i've never owned a TN panel before. i've used 2 Samsung 21" IPS monitors for the past 4 years. after everything i read about how TN panels have crappy picture/color quality prior to making my purchase, i was expecting something a lot different. don't get me wrong, i have my IPS right next to this in a dual display and the colors ARE better, but nothing that would deter me from my TN.

also, i heard that the viewing angles for TN panels were very strict, and you pretty much had to be at the right eye level and right angle to get the best picture possible. but i've stood up, walked across the room, and viewed both monitors at an extreme angle, and i could still see everything on them equally fine.

so, what gives? am i doing something wrong, or do TN panels not suck like everybody says? lol.