Question I'm confused over BIOS update for my Asus motherboard ?

Jan 20, 2023
Please refer to the image link below for my motherboard info.

I'm having trouble updating its bios to the latest one available, I just can't identify which model it is because of its model having 3 model name (BM6630_BM6330_BP6230) Now I really want to know if all of that is just the same, just a different name. I want to update Bios because it's giving me less advance option such as advance ram settings or fastboot on bios that I want to turn on. The bios that are currently install on my motherboard is Version 4301 by American Megatrends, date 11/10/2012 which is pretty old. I found the bios version that is same as mine but it's like a bit bottom from selection and there was indeed a newer version, I don't know if it's compatible. The latest uses .CAP file while my version uses .ROM which it detects from Bios Ez updater thing.