Question I'm confused with all the new Intel naming schemes, can you help me out?


Dec 17, 2016
So I've been seeing some videos on YouTube about Intel's new CPU's.
and their naming scheme is confusing me.
i think i understand stuff till coffee lake but up next i'm really getting confused.
explain me what is:

comet lake
rocket lake
tiger lake
and why we don't have 10th gen desktop processors yet!!!

one more thing, does Intel give two different names to mobile and desktop CPUs?
There are a few laptop CPU performance leaks, none of which I care about either.....

Still waiting to see 10900K and 10700K released , be reviewed, and, compared to current Ryzens, and the outgoing 9700K/9900K. All I've seen to date is a few alleged Geekbench/Userbench scores, both of which are equally worthless to me.
I need minimum and average Battlefield 5 framerates at 1080P and 1440P! :) The 10900K had BETTER be faster than the 9900K, In fact, it would be nice if the 10700K at least equaled it..


You're not the only one who's confused. Don't get caught up in the micro-architecture names.

Intel seems to be purposefully releasing new names for 'old' stuff, or renaming the same architecture, in an effort to make us believe they are coming out with something 'new'. The 10nm process has given Intel nothing but headaches over the last 3+ years with very little to show for it. Well, I guess you could count the i9-10900X but that's just ANOTHER 14+++++nm CPU.

The micro-architecture names are the same for desktop/laptop CPUs but the processor numbering and lettering is usually different between the two. Here's a quick look at Intel's CPU labeling scheme -

As @mdd1963 said, I'll believe it when I see it.
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