Question I'm connected to wifi, but no internet, what should i do?

Mar 11, 2019
So my computer is connecting to wifi, but not to the internet, where there's the little yellow exclamation on the wifi symbol. My computer is an Asus F554LA laptop. It doesnt connect to my schools internet, or with my phone hotspot, and it does the same thing when I try to connect an ethernet cable, so it's not a network error. I've tried everything I could find online and think of, I've tried updating the drivers, uninstalling reinstalling them, running the troubleshooter, doing a network reset, going into power saving settings, and doing command prompts. I even took apart everything with my limited skills, trying to see if it was a hardware problem. I'm not sure what else to try
Sounds like the Wifi maybe broken, so if that is the case. Since you have tried several things.
Purchase a USB Wifi and plug it in - sorted :)
Not sure how taking it apart would show if its broken or not.
You could always run Malwarebytes just to see if you are being hijacked by malware.
My bet is on broken and need a usb one.