Im Desperate For Help !!!

Apr 20, 2018
Ok, so im having trouble with a couple of games that i'm sure i can run easily on atleast high 60 fps. Im talking about pubg that sometimes it runs ok on high and sometimes it is so laggy that my pc doesnt even load the textures of houses, terrain and i get rubberband alot. Even worse in battlefield 1. so worse that the maps load sooo slow that i have to wait 5-10 minutes before loading in the game, when im playing it i get 30-45 fps maximum on low-med settings, same on tf2, rainbow six siege, and even gmod!!. some games run OK but it annoys me so much to be unable to run easy-to-run games on my pc. some games told me that im using below 6 gb ram of memory but i play these games without any unnecessary programs in the background. even my pc is starting to be so slow and load programs for atleast 5 minutes before i can use them like my web browser, steam, discord and etc...
Plus on alot of the games i see alot of screen taring... idk if thats useful or something but welp. here you go
This is my gaming rig:

gtx 1060 3gb
i5 7400
8gb ram

please help me i will appreciate any help!
P.S : im so bad at computers so please bear with me.

Mar 28, 2018
I would say its one of three problems
1) your gpu is not connected correctly and is not giving full output
2) Your gpu isnt actually running the game and you are using intel graphics. This is because you do not have the right drivers installed
3) there is an issue with your system and you might want to factory reset your system (dont delete your OS, just everything on it)


are you playing on wifi? rubberbanding usually happens with bad internet connection, sounds like it works then doesn't which would explain network/wifi ups and downs that happen during peak hours