Question I'm experiencing lags and stutters on a brand new gaming pc


Feb 1, 2020
This problem isn't new to me. My old PC always stuttered, especially in games and sometimes even while browsing. That's why i decided to build myself a new gaming PC, but the problem persisted.
I have changed every single part, GPU, CPU , RAM, Mobo and PSU except for my HDD and SSD, Therefore, my assumption is that either the SSD or the HDD are causing this. I downloaded HDDScan, Kingston SSD tool, and SeaTool, and all three are saying that my drives are fine, except that HDDScan says that the HDD is experiencing Reallocation Sector Count problem, and the SSD has Soft ECC Correction Rate problem. Can these errors be the cause?
The stutters are sometimes mild, and sometimes persist for like 2 seconds while I can't control my mouse, and I just sit there for the duration in misery while im getting killed. I found out the lags are more prominent in some games, and in some it isn't as.
It happend a lot more in Doom and Ghostrunner, and the stutters were usually longer and more annoying, while in the Witcher 3 it was a lot milder. But it happens overall in all games and even while browsing. In fact it happend like 3 times while i was writing this. Also I ruled out my screen as a factor, I changed a screen to test it, and the stutters persisted.
In terms of performance, my PC is performing very good, I'm getting high fps on every game I have tried and had no problem, usually around 100+ FPS on Doom, Witcher 3 and Far cry 5.

My rig is:
RX 5700 XT
i5 10400F
HyperX Fury DDR4 2x8 3000Mhz CL15
Gigabyte H470 HD3
Antec 650W PSU

My Drives:
ST1000DM003-1CH162 (Seagate)

I will remove my HDD and try to run a game on my SSD alone, to see if it's my SSD that is causing the problem
Btw my SSD is quite old, i got it like 4 years ago, but I started using my HDD like a year ago or less.