Question I'm getting low FPS and stuttering issues on Asus Tuf f706He laptop with RTX 3050 Ti & i7-11800H ?

Oct 27, 2021
first things first -

that is a link to a video on the gfx card. high temps but solid fps on ultra. Im getting that on Low but with stutters and huge FPS dips.
ive tried a lot of different things. Nvidia control panel, processor power and disabling htep.
undervolting cpu. exc

nothing works. sometimes it will last a few days then after that its chalked. primarily valorant and apex which are literally my favourite games.
it sucks to spend so much money on something that doesnt perform!

any tips/tricks/fixes and or solutions would be highly appreciated.

I respond fast!


Did you make sure that your laptop is on the latest BIOS update? If you have a number of BIOS versions pending update, gradually work your way to the latest keeping in mind any MEI updates between BIOS updates. As for the laptop, what OS version(not edition) are you working with if you're on Windows 10? I read through your prior thread, here, if I were you, I'd contact Asus support and find out if you can open the unit up and replace the thermal paste and pads for some higher quality aftermarket stuff, to alleviate the temps.

Just out of curiosity, did you make sure that ThrottleStop is running during system/OS startup? If not, then perhaps your settings aren't sticking. Have you tried alleviating the rear of the laptop so as to have a forward facing rake to allow fresh ambient air to enter the vents towards the back of the laptop's underside?