Question I'm having alot of BSOD and i dont know how to fix this problem.

Jan 5, 2019
Hello i dont know where to post this so i posted it in the windows 7 threads because im using windows 7. i cant find a way to fix my pc i dont want to buy a newer pc because in my country pc components prices rises because of importation. I may know what is giving me alot of BSOD but i want to be sure before i buy a new part or have it fixed.

here are the components:
HP Pro 2000 Microtower Motherboard LGA 775
4GB of DDR3 RAM 1333
GTX 650
Intel Core 2 quad q8400
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Mar 1, 2019
BSOD stands for the Blue screen of death and it generally occurs due to a hardware issue in the machine i.e may be a driver of any hardware part needs to get an update or due to overheating of a hardware part.

You can only solve this issue by booting your computer and if are unable to boot in windows then by going into the safe mode of your system you can perform the booting action. To do so follow the steps.

  1. Turn on your machine.
  2. Click the F8 button before the logo of windows appears.
  3. Here select the "Safe mode" by using the arrow keys.
  4. press the enter button.
Some common fixes are there which you can use like:
  1. updating all the hardware drivers.
  2. restoring the whole system
  3. install updates
  4. check for hard disk errors


Nov 11, 2017
no i can still use it it just bsod alot but i can still use my system

it mostly says memory mamagement
Have you tried checking for malware?
What exactly do you use your pc for?
Or just simple browsing?
Try to open the task manager to see what uses your ram
To open it pres Ctrl Alt Delete at the same time
Can you give us a screen shot of the BSOD?
I got bsod alot too but unlike you I can't boot to my pc at all
One of them was because Windows files got corrupted and another one was I used too much ram and suddenly it won't boot