Question I'm having problems with my pc monitors or my pc that messes with my monitor

Mar 25, 2020
I have had this pc for close to 2 years and rarely used it to play games, I built it to be a gaming pc but i mostly just used it to stream xbox games and casual web surfing. So recently when I started to play games on it, thats when the problems started. I turn it on, sign in but usually I start a game and then one monitor turns black while the pc is still running and the other either turns yellow, black or a different warm color. Right now im testing to see if it will shut off while just having the internet pulled up while having a couple tabs open. I researched a little about this problem and most have pointed to the graphics card or my motherboard. I don't want to have to buy new parts if i don't have to so if theres a way to fix this or ways to test to at least know what the problem is, would help a lot.