Question i'm kind of new to this

Apr 19, 2019
hey guys, i'm kind of new to this. i just recently started building my first pc. i had gotten my motherboard, gpu, cpu fan etc. all set and wanted to test just the bare minimum to make sure those components worked. i so, i powered up my psu and everything seemed to turn on and light up. the fans started moving so i assumed everything was fine. then, i hooked up a monitor: nothing. i realized i hadn't pushed my ram in all the way, which i soon fixed after turning my system off. i go to turn my psu back on and nothing happens. i had been pretty careful with static, grounding myself with the psu every so often, but the ram was a quick fix so i didn't bother. i'm sure i must have fried my motherboard or my psu, i don't know which one--which doesn't help since i don't know which to replace. just looking for a little bit of help, so i don't waste any more time or money on this, thanks.

Math Geek

Hi, Try starting the board outside the case, only CPU and CPU fan installed, 24 and 8 pin power cables connected. Nothing else. Start the board by shorting the 2 pins corresponding to the case power button.
this is the right start. if it posts, then turn it off and add a stick of ram. still post? have built in graphics on cpu? then plug monitor in and see if you can get into bios.

if all that works, then put it back into the case and try again. be sure the mobo is not shorting against the case and that all the stand-offs are secured.

by the way, what are the system specs? might save a couple questions down the line if we already know the parts you are working with