I'm looking for a better Editing software that i can buy out right not pay monthly

Chess of confusion

Jul 28, 2017
At the the moment i'm using the editing software that came with my Roxio game Cap HD Pro the only problem with it.. is there's only one setting where i can render the video that keeps the FPS & the Resolution called...The Same as Original...but then the problem with that is.. if i add an intro at the beginning and then select...The Same as Original... i lose quality. I have to use AVC Better Quality that dose allow me to keep the quality of the video with the Intro...but the Resolution gets cut from 1080 to 720 and the FPS gets cut from 60 to 30.

So if there a much better Editing Software that i can buy on CD not pay monthly like Adobe Premiere that would be great thank you.

Unless you are willing to spend 600$+ on a package where you only get that version of the software and no future updates then sony vegas pro is your only option. They also have movie studio but it's pretty bad.

The reason adobe went to a subscription model is because it makes all their products accesible to anyone. What would you like more? Thousands of dollars to get a couple of adobe products you need for only 1 version or a continuos subscription of 20$ a month with updates forever and the option to keep older versions if you need those for compatibility reasons?
Apr 5, 2018
In case you change your mind, you could take a look at photo viewer pro, I know that you are looking for not pay monthly, but maybe if you take a look to this software you will like it :D