Question I'm looking for a gaming laptop for around 1k$ ?


Oct 20, 2011
I'm looking for suggestions on a gaming laptop that has good cooling and is around 1k$. Preferably not more than 1100 and also one with a good keyboard. Not the kind that comes on a lot of laptops where all the keys are flat and smooth.

Do you need the portability of a laptop?
If not, a desktop will have a lot to recommend it.

No laptop will have really good cooling.
For portability, the coolers need to be small and light.

If you play cpu centric games like sims, mmo and strategy games, do not opt for the strongest graphics options which will run hot.

On good keyboards, look to Lenovo, particularly the thinkpad units.
I like @jeremyj_83 suggestion of the G14, it's a good all round machine and the keyboard is probably one of the better ones on a gaming laptop. I'm not quite sure what your after when you say you don't want flat and smooth keys. That describes virtually all laptops these days.