Question I'm looking for a motherboard for my i7-3780 help!

Oct 1, 2020
Hello! Im new with this and I bought a i7-3780 recently and I want to know if any motherboard with socket LGA 2011 is compatible with this cpu.
I saw a lot of motherboards with LGA 2011 socket in aliexpress but i dont know if all of them are compatible or not. Most of that motherboards are compatible with xenon cpus but maybe my cpu is compatible to ?
(I searched on aliexpress because it's more cheaper)


Not a correct desktop CPU name, so not really sure which you mean. There was a mobile i7-3780, but that certainly doesn't go in LGA 2011. Unless you've managed to buy one of those re-purposed CPUs that has been soldered to an interposer for fitting into a socket. Then all bets are off.

i7-3770 would be LGA1155, as well as 3770k, 3771
i7-3930K would be LGA2011, as well as 3960X and 3970X

There are multiple LGA2011 sockets, some that support DDR3 processors and some that support DDR4 processors, so you do need to look up the specs of each motherboard you look at. If you are looking the cheap remanufactured boards you find on there, they are not consistent and change as new components become available, so the listings can't always be trusted. They might use one chipset one week, then switch to whatever they could salvage.

I suggest looking at used boards so you know you are least getting something designed at the time your CPU was made.