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Question I'm looking for a printer recommendation.


Dec 11, 2014
Here is the form from the stickied thread with my responses:

1. What is your printer budget? What is your country of origin? Ideally $250 or less for the combined cost of the printer and any necessary refill supplies (I will explain what I mean by this further down). I'm in the U.S.

2. Preferred Brand(s) Probably Epson and Canon.

3. Brands Not Preferred (state reason why)

4. How many pages do you print per day?
Currently none, as I haven't had a working printer for years. When I did have one, anywhere from 0 to 200, depending on the day. Probably 10 or 20 on average.

5. Do you want your printer to perform other functions (scanning / copying / fax)? It needs to be a good copier and scanner in addition to a good printer. I need scans to have accurate color reproduction.

6. Preferred website for printer (eg Newegg / Tiger Direct, etc)? It doesn't matter much. Wherever the best deal is.

7. Do you want your printer to have WiFi capability? It doesn't matter.

8. Do you want your printer to have full color or black and white? Color.

9. How much do you currently spend on ink/toner? Nothing at the moment. For years, I bought the cheapest refill ink I could find, for probably about $40 a year.

10. Do you print high quality or high resolution documents or photographs? Yes.

Ideally, I would like a tank printer (like a Canon Megatank or Epson Ecotank). However, I have read some worrying reviews that claim that at least some of these printers have a particular planned obsolescence problem. Apparently, they have a tray with a sponge in it that the printheads flush into, and when the sponge is full (or the printer thinks it is) it will refuse to print unless you pay a technician to have the sponge replaced and the sensor reset, which apparently is more expensive than buying the printer - if you're even lucky enough to find a technician who can do it.

If there are any tank printers that don't have this problem, fit in my price range, and have good print and scan quality, I would strongly consider them. If not, I would like to find a cartridge printer that fits my criteria and buy refillable cartridges and ink from InkOwl or Precision Colors, or a CISS. I would ideally like the price of the printer + the first set of supplies from InkOwl or Precision Colors or a CISS to come to less than $250 altogether. I would prefer a CISS over refillable catridges, but depending on the printer, a CISS might not be a viable option.

If there are any cartridge printers that fit my criteria and are compatible with a CISS, I would also like recommendations for a good CISS if anyone knows of one.

Ideally, I would like the printer to be able to print on discs (CDs, DVDs, etc), but it's not an absolute necessity.
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