Im looking for some MB options for the AMD 5000+BE.


Jan 19, 2008
I will be trying out Oc'ing for the first time so the board will need to support that. I really don't want to spend over $100 but I will for an Asus if I have to.

Also, is there board that will support the 5000+ and also the future quad cores?



Oct 8, 2007
The ASUS M3A32 MVP. I think it runs about 170 (so above you 100 pricepoint), but it's on the 790FX chipset-it will run the 5000+ BE and the quads as well. I'm waiting a year before switching to quadcore - they should be able to work out the kinks and drop in price in that time I think. I figure i can get a performance boost in a year by upgrading the CPU, crossfiring another video card, and adding more RAM. Prices on all three i hope will make for a reasonably cheap upgrade in a year or so.


Here's what I have right now.....Like it very very much.

Only prob I have is that it's not wide enough to reach the standoff holes on the far right of my case, but does hover over them, what you do, cut the tops off the plastic standoffs that come with your case, and put a few of those in those holes so you don't short the board, and all is well.

Anyway, this board is really an AM2 board, but I think it's supposed to support the quads with bios update. Pretty nice board in my opinion, and to get all the extra overclocking options in your bios, when you enter the bios, hit control f1, that will give you the advanced overclocking options.