[SOLVED] I'm not gaining all the performance of my laptop.

Mar 29, 2023
Hey guys.
I've bought this laptop for only 80 euros, so I know I shouldn't expect too much of it but the specs are kind of ok (atleast to play CS:GO).
I searched if my CPU and GPU could run the game, and it said I can run it on 150~ fps on low, on this website: https://howmanyfps.com/processors/amd-a4-6210

But I struggle to even get 30 fps, there is lots of fps drops.
So my laptop is the Toshiba Satellite l50d-b-13x.
CPU: AMD A4-6210 APU
Graphics cards: R3 Graphics (Integrated) and R5 m230.

I've upgraded the ram to 1 8GB stick, DDR3L 1600mhz from Crucial, and also the SSD to MX500 500GB Crucial (honestly there was no significant improvement).
I've replaced the thermal paste, installed Revision OS 11 (Even though my computer can't support TPM 2.0).

So I'm seeking your help to know if my laptop is just a real potato or if there is something wrong.
Also, sorry, I'm not really fluent in english.
Mar 29, 2023
Sad to say, your processor is not even a small potato.

The single thread performance is abysmally weak, and that is what CSGO needs most:
Run the cpu-Z bench and look at the single thread rating. you should see about 105:
That is off the charts low.

Thank you, I'll just not play anything then. Been playing games at 15 fps since I was born, tired of that.
Appreciate it man.