Jan 14, 2017

I'm looking into replacing my old Amplifier that i use with my monitor speakers. But after much research i feel overwhelmed...

I am looking for a way to power my 16 ohm headphones and my 8 ohm, 60 Watt monitor speakers.

As far as i understand i need a amplifier because my monitor speakers are passive speakers. Otherwise i would only need a DAC.
I am looking for a Amp and DAC solution, that output enough wattage for my monitor speakers. And also has a headphone input.

  • Is this possible? Is it the right thing to do?
  • What are my options? Any recommendations is welcome.
There is also an extra requirement. My monitor speakers use bare speaker wire. i will need a way to connect it to the Amp/DAC. I am not sure of how compatible this can be.

Budget: Willing to pay what it takes. But without paying extra for features i won't use. Looking to pay a good fair price.
Used for: Gaming, video, and music.
Country: Denmark.
Goal: Good quality audio for my setup.

Let me know if any more information is needed. Thank you in advance.
- Carl