I'm planning on building a budget gaming pc, what parts are the best?


Aug 16, 2017
I am building a custom gaming pc fro myself, and I was wondering if the parts I chose are the best within my desired price range. The parts I have selected are, i5-8600k @239.99, some Z370 mobo @ 110-130 dollars, I already have a gtx 1060 6 gb from a previous computer, a corsair 550w psu @59.99, a raidmax case @59.99, and 16gb of ddr4-2667 ram @149.99, and a cooler master hyper 212 cpu cooler @24.99. I was wondering if there are any better parts out there for around the same price range, mainly a cpu. Should I go with this intel one or an equivalent amd one for a similar price point, like the ryzen 7 1800x?
It's pretty decent as you listed it, if you want to consider Ryzen look at the 2600 or 2600X as the best alternatives to an 8600K IMHO.
If you want to buy an aftermarket cooler and overclock the 2600 is the best option as it will end up overclocking to vey similar performance for cheaper, if you just want to use at stock with the stock cooler the 2600X works out better than a 2600 + cooler.

The 8600K is technically a better gaming CPU at the moment, but with a GTX 1060 you are not going to notice the difference.