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Question Im relatively experienced but right now I'm stumped

Jul 9, 2020
Let me describe my night to you.
- My new M.2 ssd arrived in the mail. Super excited to get it working on my MSI X570 Godlike Motherboard.
- I look inside my PC and remember that I had planned to mess with my CPU Cooler as it actually hangs a couple mm too far over my first PCIe slot where I would ideally place my GPU.
- as I'm about to remove the heatsink from the 3950X CPU, I sneeze sitcom style and pull just enough to get the CPU off the motherboard without releasing it first. Usually I would twist to get them apart
- okay no big deal right? Check the pins none bent. Check for thermal paste smear where it should be. None I could find. Check the socket - looks alright to me
- I can't get the GPU to fit so I move onto the new M.2 SSD. The PC seems to work fine and I'm able to boot and clone my current SSD to this new one and everything seems to be working alright. I try to boot to the BIOS but all of a sudden I'm getting an error. 3E reads on the motherboard. CPU is not detected or fail

Guys I have tried plenty and nothing is working. This code immediately comes up. I'm a little freaked out now cause I've dropped quite a bit of money for the first time in a decade into this new build.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as needed. I'll edit as I cross things off the list. Thanks in advance.

Edit: oh I was having issues with 2 of the three Display ports on my GPU I remember that now but reseating it did not help
I would remove the CPU and cooler.....reinspect everything...reseat the CPU and cooler and try it again.
If it didn't work...I would repeat the above.
If after three or so tries it still didn't work....I would have to decide if it's the MB or the CPU....and I would lean towards MB...as I think CPUs are generally much tougher than MBs.
What do I do if I think something came loose on the motherboard or something
Like what?
All you did was remove the CPU/cooler and a few other things.
If you find something loose....I'd cross that bridge when I got there.
...and being that's all you did (remove and replace a few things)...I'm thinking the CPU might not be seated in the socket correctly.