[SOLVED] Im scared of buying a new PSU


Dec 2, 2017
Hello, I want to buy a new PSU and Ive set on buying the Corsair RM Series 750Watt 80+Gold one. I heard however that people had problems with it and when they plugged it in it fried all of their parts. Im not sure wether or not this is probable or if there is a way to test wether or not a PSU is broken before installing it so I want to ask you guys for help. Thanks
There is a risk of this happening with any power supply you might purchase. As long as you're buying it new from a reputable seller, I wouldn't worry about it.

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Hi imussiics the RM is a good PSU but if the difference between the RM and the RMx is just a few dollars go for the RMx. The RM is good. The RMx is very good. Better capacitors.

The RMx is actually cheaper than the RM for a 750 Watts here where I live. I'd take the RMx.


The only bad thing I've Ever heard about the RM series was 5-6? Years ago, the RM 750/850 had thermal issues. When pushed to 100% loads they thermally tripped and shut the psu down.

Whether that's 'bad' as such is a questionable point. You'd have to be mental to push a 750w/850w to 100% in the first place, and secondly, the thermal protective circuitry actually worked as it was supposed to and protected the psu/pc from damage. Inconvenient, maybe, but not bad.

In my experience, Corsair psus don't explode, don't catch on fire, don't blow up or burn out components downstream. IF and when they do die, they just sort of fizzle out and die rather quietly. No fuss.
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