Question I'm seeing weird artifacts in recorded gameplay footage

Apr 7, 2021
I started recording a new game and in my recordings it appears like individual pixels are pulsating or flickering like a candle or light. When enough of these pixels move like this it can kind of feel like the screen is subtly shaking, even if there's no movement happening in game. This is especially noticeable when text or otherwise static images are on screen. The weird thing is that this does not happen during gameplay, it just shows up in the recordings. Anyone know what this is or what's causing it?

Some relevant facts:

I'm recording with Bandicam and the game has Vsync enabled. My monitor is 165hz and I'm recording @ 60fps which I guess could be a problem, but I've recorded dozens of other games with this setup and have never had this problem.
Spec? Reason I ask is if you have an adequate GPU to capture with the H.264 architecture in Nvidia or AMD GPUs, you can try ShadowPlay or ReLive, and then it will verify if the problem is indeed related to capturing. Another reason I suggested that, is I do not see such problems in your video, so it's possible it's something with your display or video cable, though the fact you can only see it in the captures may rule that out.
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