Question I'm stumped, HP Laptop NO POWER at all ?

Sep 13, 2021
I have a HP PAV. G7 1019wm Laptop I am stumped on. Was using it one day & out of the blue, no warning signs of any kind, it simply died. With very little diagnostic tools at hand, I thought maybe the graphics card went out, (had small issues w\ it b4.) so I bought a MOBO: "used, but thoroughly Pro tested & passed all test w\ flying colors"!?
I did switch from the OEM INTEL CPU\MOBO to a matched AMD CPU\MOBO in the replacement.
AMD is MY personal #1 choice always! lol

Still NOTHING! No sign of life anywhere, LED by PWR switch: blank.

NEXT: NEW Power Sup. added! Logical thinking. NO change, still DEAD everywhere!
Next came an: Internal Power supply cable & a new ON\OFF switch. BUT: Still NADA!

Now comes my need of help &\or advice on what is left in the power flow-circuit components-wise I need to either check or replace next!?
I notice the Broadcom WLAN chip had White-Black wires running from the pwr charging, but I cannot convince myself that would kill all power everywhere, BUT I COULD BE WRONG?!?
Tried finding some schematics on the wiring diagram, but no luck. i lose track tracing the greenfield cir. brd connection maze. So, I'll just ask: YOU. lol

I don't know the next step I should take! Can -- Will someone;

THANX to any & all who reply!



Feb 25, 2020
G7-1019wm only has intel HD graphics which is integrated within CPU. Am i correct? It is not that common failure unlike discrete GPU chip.

"Broadcom WLAN chip wires" Those 2 cables are just antenna cables dont worry about it.

Do you get fan spin or nothing happens when you press power button? If theres nothing happening , no led lights etc its quite easy to diagnose the problem part.
Always disconnect main battery and take power cable off when removing parts. Just plugin power cable to quickly test if it works then take it off and continue to next step.

(REMEMBER ALWAYS REMOVE POWER CABLE WHEN TOUCHING ANYTHING ON THE MOBO) Testing for bad ram, test 1 stick at a time, in case of bad ram slot or both ram sticks broken you should still get error beeps or flashing led when you remove both sticks.

Just use non conductive surface and disassembly using youtube guides,

It might be that USB connector, LCD screen shorted, WIFI card etc, just remove part by part and then quick test with power cable. Once you can boot you found the problem causing it.
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