Mar 16, 2004
Hey all. Built a system with Athlon64 3500+, gigabyte sli board 2 gigs ocz ram, PC3200, Raptor 74gig HD,1 BFG pci 6800GT (hopin to get another one day)
One day it wouldn't post. Had been having troubles with this since the build, so I bought a Gigabyte GA-K8N pro board, even swaped out the ram for some corsair (i'll keep the ocz for my media machine), just in case. Assembled it all and..... will not post! No beeps... no nothing. PS is fine, everything lights up, fans run... etc.... but it will not post. Now since all that's really left is the cpu.... do you think that's what has failed? As I said.... new mobo, RAM.... no post. I'm lost... any ideas on how to diagnose this? Is this what it's like when a cpu fails, it's never happened to me before.....