Question Im thinking i have a bad motherboard..

Mar 15, 2019
So guys i have an processor AMD athlon 64 x2 5600+ 2.8ghz 8gb RAM 64x operating system and i want to buy myself an gtx 1060 3gb but i had a motherboard named Veriton m421g will it work with that motherboard and will a game called Metro exodus run smooth or not and If not will You recommend me a gpu (300$-350$)


Aug 22, 2018
That Athlon 64 x2 is OLD. I doubt it'll fare well with the 1060. A 2005 CPU with a 2016 card? No.

You better upgrade that AM2 Motherboard and that CPU to either Intel or Ryzen, though Ryzen is better on the market.

If you go for AMD, a Ryzen 2400g APU, or a Ryzen 5 1400 with a 1030 or 1050. My recommendation for the motherboard is either a Gigabyte, Asrock, or Asus. MSI is known to conflict with AMD, but is still a choice. The Veriton is a mini-atx so keep that in mind. The Asrock A320M is good option for budget.

If you go for Intel, a i3 would be good, maybe the i3-8100. The 8100 is an APU, but you can choose to with an 1030 or 1050 TI. The MSI H310I Pro is good, aswell as the Asrock H310M to fit into a small budget.

RAM too though, so you could get a cheap T-Force 4x2 or a G.Skill Aegis or Ripjaws X. 288 pin.

Forget about the 1060.

New system will cost around $500-600 USD or 400 sterling depending on where you're living.

Short version:

The CPU is trash. Replace everything.