I'm trying now to find best way to wipe Dell windows 7 home premium computer completely @ restore

Dec 2, 2016
I understand now why there's not an answer to my original post, I wouldn't want someone entering mine either!Just didn't occur to me until I read why.Now I'm wondering if there's a way to return to original state, think I read there's a recovery partition somewhere or return to default @ if I did that would I still have no option for an administrator? Ralston 18 suggested I wipe with DBAN, haven't heard of that. Are these options likely to destroy the computer. Is my only solution buying a reinstallation disc? I will check emails this time, I thought responses would be on the site. So, so sorry to those who took time to email me. HUGE THANKS to you all!


Oct 30, 2014
open My computer. if you have a drive (typically its D drive) called [Recovery] you have a recovery partition.

all it is is your normal HDD is split when created to always haev a clean slate to restore from.

DBAN is NOT what you want. That will wipe ALL data including a recovery partition. (its what ppl do when they had personal info on a pc and are selling it or giving it away so it cant be recovered)

Post above is best answer (as it is from dell site)