[SOLVED] I'm trying to add a second HDD to my Optiplex 9020 PC but am having issues with the power cables

May 13, 2019
Ive never needed the CD drive so I'm planning on taking that out and putting the new HDD in that space. The issue i'm having is with the sata power cable. I've read everywhere that the power cable goes to the PSU and you should have extra connectors with it, but for the HDD i already have it goes to a socket in the motherboard instead and I can't find any other power cables. So i'm wondering how to get the power cable to the the second HDD. This is a picture of the SATA data and power cables View: https://imgur.com/Gg0j34s
There should not be any issue whatsoever with making an splitter with it, unless you buy an chinese knockoff of the splitter.

I would not go above the 20AWG cause it may heat up the cables and melt (if you cannot find branded one).
I may go with startech brand, which is the only branded one ive found.

Like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/StarTech-com-4x-SATA-Power-Splitter-Adapter-Cable-Male-SATA-Female-SATA/232117530716?hash=item360b48705c:g:GSAAAOSwAvJXBFi0

PS. I only hope that power is passtrought trought the proprietary connector of the PSU.