Question I'm trying to build myself a pc and I need help

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Apr 19, 2019
Again, yea you're right but that is only if your core clocks are 1247 (which is low for a Vega 64, that would be like State 3 frequencies for me). Mine clocks up too 1657MHz under intense gaming loads and stress tests between State 6 and 7. There is no 100% accurate way to figure out how much power a build is going to use under full load until you put it under full load. Those websites give you estimates. Feel free to drop that 550W PSU man, I'm just giving you advice from personal experience and working with a few different Vega builds. You asked for advice, and as someone who has lots of experience with Vega cards, I gave you the best advice I had. If you think that estimated voltage is going to be good, then its at your discretion at the end of the day but I think it is a bad idea.
I've actually updated the list but I guess you didn't check it. Still thx


Spending 10-20 out of a 1,000+ system build to get a better power supply is a no-brainer. It's pretty simple, if you are building a single video card higher spec gaming system, get a 750 watt power supply, don't bother looking at any of the wattage calculators. The max wattage the PSU can put out depends on several things, it's not just a simple number on the box. And go through some reviews and sites to make sure the power supply is a good one, don't just pick it on price and looks.

It's way better to be well over what you need than under or just at the limit. While there is overkill in power supplies, a 750 watt one for a gaming setup is not out of line at all.