Discussion I'm trying to decide on monitors to use- Already own these monitors


Oct 15, 2012
So a little bit about my system specs and what I have.

Acer Predator 17"
Intel i7-7700hq 2.8GHz 4c/8t
32GB Ram
Nvidia GTX 1070 8GB GPU w/ additional Frost Core fan included with laptop (this helps boost the gpu to running more often at boost clocks)
Storage is 3x1TB SSD's (1x NVME, 1x MSATA, 1x 2.5" all slots taken)

I have an BenQ Zowie 24" 144HZ 1080p Display: https://www.amazon.com/BenQ-XL2411-Equalizer-Vibrance-Competitive/dp/B01H5KKQTM
A smaller 22" 1080p 60 Display (Nothing fancy and just use it for watching videos)
The laptops 17.3" 1080p 75HZ Display

And here's the kicker an
Asus 32" 2560x1440p 60HZ Display: https://www.amazon.com/ASUS-VA32AQ-1440p-DisplayPort-Monitor/dp/B01M10V28T/ref=asc_df_B01M10V28T/?tag=hyprod-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=198093101467&hvpos=&hvnetw=g&hvrand=1354041746927908819&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=&hvdev=c&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9058940&hvtargid=pla-359108677893&psc=1

I play almost all my games in Windowed Fullscreen where able to and at Native Resolution. I'm NOT and FPS fanatic, as long as the game is stable I honestly CAN'T tell the difference past 30FPS. I'd like to play as many games at max settings. But I've heard and read (though don't remember where I read it) that if playing a game at higher resolutions you can turn down some things such as AA and such.

Ok, ok, the question if you've stuck around is will it hurt with my gpu/ specs to use a 60Hz monitor at 2560x1440 for gaming and mixed use or should I keep to my current setup and that is the 24" BenQ and the 22" Generic screen. I do streaming from time to time and play all sorts of games so there isn't one genre. I'm NOT an esports player. I play for fun.

My alternative setup I was thinking was using the 32" 1440p monitor as my main, for the extra screen real estate and moving my 144hz 24" 1080p screen to my secondary screen to display movies, etc. Or use the 32" 1440p as the potential second screen.....though I'm sorta in love with the idea of a massive screen in front of me.

I'm just bouncing balls off the wall and seeing what others may think and such. I'm just not too....in with all the display tech and such. Like am I really benefiting from a fast display at lower resolution? Or a slower display that is larger and higher resolution? And with my specs in mind. Argh! See why I came here? Hopefully someone can help shed some light on all this.


I would not worry or be concerned about the "tech" per se.

Just methodically work through the various combinations/configurations to discover what works and if you like it or not.

Key word being "methodically".

Plan out the combinations/configurations you are thinking about. Set it up. Then game, work, etc.

Watch performance: first subjectively as you play/watch and objectively by viewing built-in tools such as Task Manager and Resource Monitor.

Change only one thing at a time so it will be easier to know or otherwise identify what happened if things go astray.

Two things will likely happen:

1) you will find some combination you like and it also works/performs well. "Well" being somewhat subjective.


2) You will learn more and from that learning be in a better position to decide what, if anything, does need to be changed and how.
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