Question I'm trying to find out if my GT 440 is overclocking, but I have no idea how

Mar 19, 2021
Recently, with the help of a friend, I found out why my PC would crash everytime I played a fairly demanding game.
The temperature reaches 105° and the graphics card shuts down. I have a GT 440, but until a few months ago this wasn't a problem. It was after I downloaded a pirate copy of The Witcher Enhanced Edition that the problems began. I would be playing Need For Speed Underground 2, and 10 minutes after playing completely normal, the PC would crash and shut down. The screen goes black, but the audio remains, until a few seconds later it would crash, the sound bugging until it stopped. Something in the PC would shut down and try to restart, and when it did manage to, it would reach the "Starting Windows" screen and be stuck there. After some tests, we found out that the GPU would rise in temperature until reaching 105° and shut down.
Now, I'm trying to find out if the graphics card is overclocking, or if I should replace the thermal paste. Is there any way I can check if the GPU is overclocked before I set my bios to default settings?

(I already updated the drivers to the last available version, no change. Also, I downloaded GPU-Z, GPU Clock and Default Clock are both 810)
Feb 5, 2021
so, first download msi afterburner and instal, dont worry it is not a virus, do not play around with it much the only thing you are looking for is fan speed, you need to make them faster, i have the same problem with my gtx 260, temps going high while playing games and crashing, i got default 40% and got it to 70%. 1. pc will be louder 2. DO NOT PLAY WITH CLOCKS OR VOLTAGE IF YOU ARENT A PROFESIONAL YOU CAN DAMAGE YOUR HARDWARE 3. clear your pc with preasurized air, you need to get off dust,do not under any circumstances touch you hardware with any metal. clear it from afar, glad to help
ill break this down into something you may have some concept of
imagine you have a car that is 300hp you tune that for 7 percent more performance
you have 321 hp now which is a fair lil bump, you might notice but not really

now you have a lawn mower with 4hp you tune that for 10% more power 4.4hp
you aren't going to notice anything because despite the better job tuning it, it will make no difference because adding more performance isnt really accomplishing anything because there wasn't much to begin with

basically I'm saying you are gaming with a lawnmower
just cut the grass and accept it