I'm trying to install windows but it wont load


Dec 16, 2016
Im installing windows for the 1st time on my new pc and its stuck on the screen where i select the hdd. I can still move the cursor but ut been like this for 45mins now. Would it be bad to shut down the computer or would that do harm/waste my activation code that i already entered https://imgur.com/gallery/RB2bw
This is the screen its stuck on.
Any help would be great
Thank you


Hello Edvard101

If haven't already done earlier, can you please check and confirm if your PC meets minimum or recommended system requirements?

In addition to this, please make sure that you are using the correct installation media obtained from a reliable source, and that you are following the correct method to install Windows on your PC. You can get all the details here and here.

About the activation code, if your PC wasn't connected to the Internet at the time you clicked Next after entering the product key (which I believe is true), you can use the key while re-trying the installation without any issues. On the other hand, if the PC was already registered, you may have to contact Microsoft's Customer Care team and request them to re-activate your copy of Windows from their side.

Feel free to report back if further assistance is needed.

Cheers!! :)