Question I'm trying to learn about Workspace before migrating from Bluehost ?


Feb 23, 2011
I currently have Bluehost for web and mail hosting. Thinking of just ditching the web hosting and moving my email hosting to Google.
  1. If I do that, will the Starter option let me bring my 3 emails on my personal domain name to the one acccount or do I have to pay for each address separately?
  2. Can I keep the domain registration with bluehost or would I have to transfer the name to Google? Conversely, do I maybe want to move it to Google? Is there some benefit there?
  3. I've locked myself into email service with Bluehost for the next year and a half. Can I just keep using that and use Workspace to handle my emails instead?
Thanks for any help!
Sorry, I just learned about Workspace because of a problem I was having with Bluehost so I'm aware my questions may not entirely make sense.


The answers to your questions most likely depend on the terms of the current contracts/accounts. Probably some laws as well with respect to privacy, security, mail hosting, and so forth.

And you need to be very clear about what you wish to do and any specific requirements involved.

Sketch out a simple diagram showing the current web and mail hosting configuration - the "now".

Then sketch out a second diagram showing the desired/required web and mail hosting configuration - the " Workspace future".

List the specifc steps of what needs to be done to move from "now" to "future".

Note constraints: the lock into Bluehost for example. You might be able to end that lock via some penalty payment. Or not.....

Overall, you need to contact Google, Bluehost, and Workspace accordingly.

Ask the questions directly and document the providers' respective responses.

As for "benefit" there may be some benefit(s). You determine what is beneficial.

However, there will likely be trade-offs involved: higher costs perhaps, different scaling, limits.