Question Image quality and pitch black corners in games on new monitor. pls help :<

Nov 22, 2020
  • I recently swapped from an Asus 24" VG248QE gaming monitor which is 144hz 1080p display. I've had no problems with it for about 4-5 years that i've had it and some white horizontal lines appeared after a while and so I decided to buy a new one.
  • The monitor i've bought is a DELL S2721GHF 1080p display since there was a black friday sale and it went for a good price with the monitor being bigger than my last one at 27",curved, still 144hz and G-Sync compatibility. So i said why not, should be an upgrade, although not a huge one but still an upgrade.
  • Now, in games, the monitor's responsiveness is great, g-sync seems to be working fine, the curved design is cool but the image quality feels so much worse than the Asus one. I managed to play a bit with the digital vibrance in the nvidia settings and got the colours to look at least decent. However, I loaded up Escape from tarkov, put it in window mode and compare the image side by side with my second monitor which is an old 17" 60hz display. Somehow, the image quality seems to be way better on the second smaller monitor rather than the new one. The textures seem almost sandy, like having really small but noticeable white dots moving all around while moving the mouse from left to right. And also an even bigger problem seem to be dark places, for example the tree's shadows look very very dark on the new DELL monitor which really puts me at a great disadvantage while playing, but on the smaller 17" monitor those dark places or darker spots on a given game look the way they should. I even took a screenshot ( View:
    ) and dragged it on both of my monitors and the problem persists. I really can't figure out how to make those darker spots look brighter, even after playing around with the gamma and brightness in nvidia settings, which makes the whole screen more brighter, rather than only those darker spots.
-Is there any way I could brighten up those dark spots and make the image look sharper? Also a guide of sorts or a software that could help me calibrate the colours to feel more warm would be awesome. Help