Question image quality looks awful on benq monitor.


Jul 7, 2020
Monitor: benq xl2411z
lead: DVI-D 24+1 Pin Full Dual Link Monitor Lead

Friend had this monitor spare but didn't have the lead that came with the monitor. This is where I assume the issue comes from but I find it extremely hard to believe that this monitor is useless without the default lead that came with it. HDMI only goes up to 60hz and looks low quality. I did research and saw someone recommend the lead I listed above and it allowed me to get 144hz but the image quality still looks wrong. It looks as if everything is 720p even though the monitor is set to 1080p. I have reset every setting on the monitor, got the latest drivers but it still just looks awful. I have another monitor that is 60hz but looks so much sharper and proper 1080p, any ideas as to what lead I need? thanks


You need either
  • Dual Link DVI to Dual Link DVI
  • Active DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI
Active cables are important for converting to Dual Link DVI, they are also expensive. Hopefully your computer supports Dual Link DVI output. As that's much cheaper.

Otherwise I'd sell the monitor and put everything into a new monitor. Rather than blowing $100 on a cable for an old TN panel monitor.