Image sharpening not adjustable


Sep 24, 2009

Today was woken up by my mother complaining their old CRT monitor had broken,
as I've suspected it'd do anytime soon for a few months already.

I headed to the store, bought a BenQ 2201W 22" TFT display, plugged it in and started adjusting the image..
Without really doing anything except changing the levels of brightness and contrast and enabling ClearType, I didn't do anything. I rebooted the PC, since it was already on when I removed the old monitor and put the new one in place, as I bought a new mouse at the same time.. (Installed the HID-device)..

Now pictures and edges of f.e. icons on the desktop are blurry, because the Nvidia Control Panel for my parents' GeForce 6200SE TurboCache has forced Image Sharpening to +95% and I can't tune it down!

Any solution for this?

The specs that are of any possible interest in this case are:

Nvidia 6200SE TurboCache(tm) 128mb PCI-E with the newest Nvidia drivers downloaded from the Nvidia site.
BenQ 2201W 22" connected via VGA, 32bbp, 1280x1024 (it's not widescreen).

If someone is interested in something else..

AsRock Dual-VSTA mobo
AMD 3500+ with a AeroCool Dominator installed (It's my old PC, overclocks shitloads haha.)
1Gb of Kingston ValueRam (DDR400)

Guess that's all folks. Hoping for swift responses to get the problem solved. It's usable as it is too, but annoys the hell outta me.


Sounds like you did a hot swap, so you adjusted settings for the CRT then resatrted with the LCD, now its screwed, reset all the things you changed. Wiping video drivers and starting over sounds like a real good idea.