Image Zone issue - Officejet 7310


Mar 4, 2001
Archived from groups: comp.sys.hp.hardware (More info?)

I receive the following error when I log in to my PC under the user
account "Karl":

A box appears with the following message:

'The program has encountered an unexpected error. The type initializer
for "HP.CUE.Gallery.ImageManager.Keywords" threw an exception.'

At the bottom of the box is an OK button, I click on that and the
message box goes away. After this happens, if I try to use the
"Document Viewer" from the HP Director, I get the same box, containing
the same message. I get the same box with the same message if I try to
use the Image Zone.

The above sequence does not happen if I log in under the
"Administrator" account. The Document Viewer and Image Zone appear to
work normally. I am using Windows XP Professional with SP2.

I have emailed and called HP about this. Their latest advice is: "To
resolve the issue, I recommend you to delete the "Karl" account, save
the settings and create the account again. After that please reinstall
the software through CD. "

I use "Karl" all the time. If I delete it as recommended by HP support,
I think I'll lose access to all documents, emails, pictures, etc. I
saved or used under that user name. Am I correct?

Isn't there a simpler way?

Note: HP support doesn't seem to be getting a grip on the problem here.
Before this, HP support had recommended by email to uninstall and
reinstall the software. When I called HP support, they walked me
through an uninstall and reinstall, assuring me that this would fix the
problem, but the error still occured. Then I had emailed them again,
and they again assured me that a complete uninstall and reinstall would
resolve the issue. It did not. Then they recommended an update from the
HP site and a Java update. The HP update didn't resolve the problem.
I'm waiting fior the update CD from Sun for the Java update. I have the
Microsoft Java, I thought the Sun Java would be a better version to
use. Meanwhile, I discovered that the error occured under one user
account, "Karl", but not another, as discussed above.