Discussion Important Information: VPN's give a false sense of security

So I had an old high school friend whom recently said she used VPNs for security.

I also see advertisements from VPN's who say "VPN's will protect you from hackers"

This is a false premise. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing will protect you from being "unmasked' if someone wants you bad enough. And to be honest it's a fairly trivial task. And VPN's by no means protect you from getting hacked.

Let me explain:

VPN's do hide your real IP by acting as a relay. Your real IP might be But a VPN might give you an IP of So you think "Great I'm protected no one knows who I am"

You might even use something like Tails/Tor/Brave to hide your traffic even more.

This is all great in theory except they don't protect you from hack attacks or other tactics at all. There are 5 different ways to identify a person of interest even without getting an IP through typical means. I can list them all, and I can guarantee there is little you can do to defend against most of them. I have researched the de-anonymizing techniques used, and I'm not going to discuss them. Most of them are in the hands of certain big actors, but big companies like google too can easily unmask you. Even small companies can unmask you in certain ways.

But I'm here to tell you if you are doing something questionable, especially if you have a sketchy past, then they will know whom you are with time. So my best advice is "Just don't do it if it can get you in trouble legally."
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