Question Impossible to play any game in my laptop. Dell G7 7588 (1050ti / i5-8300h / 8gb RAM)

Nov 22, 2021
Hey guys!

l have G7 7588 i5-8300H 1050Ti and i use it with the battery disconnected from the motherboard. In just over a year it swelled up and I was forced to disconnect it in order to continue using the laptop. Even without the battery, I continued gamming normally. No FPS drop and/or heating issues. But its been acting weird for a while

Among other things, I've already done:
  • Undervolt (via ThrottleStop) of -141.6vm
  • GPU Undervolt (Via MSI Afterburner), limiting clock to 1734Mhz.
  • Disable Intel Turbo Boost (Via BIOS)
  • Update all drivers (including BIOS)
  • Enable Windows High Performance Plan
  • Enable Ultra-Performance Mode in Dell Power Manager Thermal Management
  • Disable and limit TPL (Turbo Power Limit) in ThrottleStop
  • Turn off AC States, Speedshift and SpeedStep on BIOS
To this point, i believe i've already done pretty much everything possible in my knoledge. Remembering that, in terms of temperature, during gameplay the processor does not usually reach 90 degrees and the GPU is around 75 degrees. (And there's even a fan on the side of the computer)

Now to the problem itself:

During gameplay the game opens normally and, around 45 seconds later, the FPS drops from 60 to 30. Monitoring by MSI Afterburner, I noticed that the drop is caused by the CPU. Since the clock, before at 3.8Ghz (or more) drops to 801Mhz. Checking ThrottleStop, I see a "POWER" alert flashing. Intel XTU indicates Power Limit Throttling.

The interesting thing is: It only happens during gameplay.
  • I did stress test on the processor and: 15 minutes at 3.9Ghz without even an alert from ThrotlleStop.
  • I did stress test on the video card and no alerts or problems either.
And, as i said, i've played without the battery for a long time (only AC charger) without the slightest problem. Maximum CPU clock and 60 FPS.

Would you guys help me with this? I'm running out of ideas.