In a bit of a pickle with CrossfireX


Nov 11, 2010
I am using a P7P55D motherboard with two AMD 6850s. I received the second one tonight and placed it into the PCI-e slot, and connected the CrossfireX connector.

Everything is working fine with the second card - I plugged my HDMI cable into it to see if it was working correctly, and it was... However, for some strange reason, GPU-Z is telling me that it is not in Crossfire mode. I go into the Catalyst Control Center, and it does not allow me to configure crossfire, however, both of them are being detected by the system.

How do I configure CrossfireX?
Are the two cards identical? Use GPU-z and compare mem/freq/etc.

Do both cards work properly when you use each as the ONLY gpu in the PC?

If so, uninstall all amd video drivers and software, and anything that might OC the cards. Power down and insert both cards in the correct slots, and insert the cf bridge. Download the latest WHQL drivers, and install.

Did GPU-Z show it disabled when looking at both cards? I've found in the last few months, GPU-Z does not show crossfireX enabled on one of the two cards in crossfire, but it does show it enabled on the other.