Question In dillema and need some guidance

May 18, 2019
I wanna ask something,

  1. Is vrm with more power phase better?
  2. I'm with dillema coz, in the same range price, gigabyte and msi only have 5-6 power phase but asrock have 9-10 power design.
  3. But in reality i have used many asrock motherboard and then their durabilty is nothing compare to giga and msi. (In one case my asrock only need 4 years so it will become brick)
So, all master here, i need some shed of light about power phase and their connection with durability, why some board with less power phase is more durable then other. And please let me know in those 3 named motherboard brand which one must i choose to?
Keep with asrock coz you need some lucky with durabilty or its time to go to 2 other brand???

Thanks before all.
It's not all about number of stages but also (and mostly) about quality of chips used as well as power filtering etc. There's also quality of heat sinks so you can't really tell by number of phases but it's an indication of whole VRM.
Vrm is not just a voltage regulator like it used to be but much more and mostly digitally adjustable.



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