In-game vibrations translate poorly to screen


Jun 2, 2008
So I've noticed that when I play games that cause the screen to shake (i.e. to simulate explosions or other tectonic events), my monitor and/or my video card don't seem to handle it very well. That is, it seems like my computer is having a hard time redrawing objects that shake in front of the screen. It doesn't stutter, as if the frame rate is diminished, but rather just degrades the fidelity of the image considerably. For instance, if I stare at a vertical line in the game, created by a wall tile (as an example), and then move my perspective left and right very quickly, the line breaks up into numerous segments. As a less abstract example, during the most instense parts of the video in Crysis that plays when you start a new game, my displays appears to be partitioned into distinct horizontal rectangles that don't appear to sync up with one another. Is there any way to alleviate these problems, or is it simply unavoidable at mid-level gaming? My monitor is a Dell SP2208WFP, current vid card is EVGA 9800GT+ Superclocked. I plan an upgrade to a 275GTX in the near future.