Question In great need of troubleshooting help (microstuttering)

Jan 19, 2021
Hello to all ! A few weeks ago my desktop computer started acting strangely, games that used to run just fine like Prey would suddenly microstutter, making them unplayable. It feels as if there was some software in the background slowing down my rig - complete with the fans roaring loadly when idling - but task manager doesn't detect it. The issue comes and goes. I've tried everything, reinstalling windows, cleaning it with WPD, updating my drivers etc... No fix lasted permanently. I thought it could be my OS softdrive dying but the diagnostic tools I used showed that all my drives were in perfectly good shape. Apart form this sata SSD, my CPU and my mobo, all my components are new, including the nvme SSD where I put my games and launchers. Now, I've checked the "waiting chains" with the TM and it shows, for steam.exe, galaxyclient.exe (GOG) and some of the games I've tested, "One or several threads of [steam.exe/The Surge2.exe etc] are awaiting the end of an E/S network operation" (translated from French). No idea what this means but TCPView shows that there are some threads for the same program which are "established" and others who just "listen". Could anyone tell me if this E/S thing is indeed abnormal like I think it is, and how to fix it ? I couldn't find an answer online.

I'd be immensively grateful, this is making me mad.

Cheers, stay safe.